CPS announce they are not too charge most Conservative MPs investigated for election fraud

The CPS have announced that most of the Conservative MPs will not face charges over election fraud, however, the investigation in Kent is still ongoing. They cited that there was no evidence to suggest that the Conservatives were aware or active in election fraud. After a long investigation into the matter that was kicked off by Channel 4’s extensive investigative reporting into the matter last year.

This issue highlights several issues however, there is concern that they have hidden the fraud well enough to deceive officials and could be playing the legal system. This underlines the fragility of our legal system and the Conservatives willingness to actively deceive the public. On the other hand, this could have been, just as the CPS said, “an error” in accounts keeping.

The latter scenario doesn’t sit too well because if they are unable to competently keep the accounts right of their election campaign, how can they be trusted to run a complex political economy, that is not a business but the welfare of society itself. With complexities of looking after the public as well as the ensuring public services are fully funded and the economy runs smoothly.

In short, the Conservatives are either very good at deceiving the public with how they spend money or deceiving the public of their competence in running a complex socio-economic political system.


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