Corbyn’s leadership questions: A cover for Theresa May’s incompetence as a leader

There has been wide reporting that Jeremy Corbyn won’t step down after the general election. The fact is, this information and reporting is purely designed to undermine the Labour campaign, which has been gaining significant support and traction since Theresa May announced the snap general election.

This brief is to talk about why is this such a big deal anyway? Why do we have a system that promotes giving up? After every general election, the leaders step down because they lost. Why?

Ask yourselves that question and try to think of answer that makes sense because the whole idea doesn’t make sense. Would Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and any other global business made such an impact if they continued to change leaders every few years or after something went wrong? There seems to be an idea that constantly changing leaders and direction brings about continuity. When the reality is much more complex and human advancement, socially, economically and innovation has come from the long-term ambitions of a few.

Whilst people played the election game of politics. In the meantime, there has been less reporting on the fact that Theresa May held another campaign event behind closed doors to Conservative Party councillors, candidates and activists. She also didn’t allow questions from the press unless pre-approved beforehand and the press weren’t allowed the microphone either. When a factory worker could question her, the man mentioned how he was in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s plan of the minimum wage rise to £10 per hour. Because it would help his family now, rather than save 100s in five years’ time.

Whilst a long-term plan is required, instant impact policies are also required to boost consumer confidence and relieve the pressure for millions after 7 years of austerity measures have increased food bank usage, suicides and child poverty. It also makes economic sense, because instant increase of disposable income will encourage people to spend more and invest into local communities, helping to stimulate the economy which in turn will lead to an increase in jobs.


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