A pragmatic progressive newsletter!

Naturally Unnatural has been undergoing some changes recently, apologies if you have found us and content has been somewhat lacking! Firstly, there is a long-term ambition to eventually create a publication like a magazine but that would take a significant undertaking and funds that are unavailable. Recently though the idea of a weekly newsletter popped up.

The newsletter would contain at least 5 (there could be more, depending on length) articles of interest from the week gone by in the world of politics. What would the articles be of? How is it decided what is suitable?

The Naturally Unnatural weekly newsletter

The articles would be of important UK and international news but not necessarily ‘headline’ news. The idea of ‘headline’ news is verging on the ridiculous purely designed to sell not report or analyse. So, no stories about May presenting faux-outrage over an Easter egg hunt. There would be an even spread cross various different subject matters, whether it is economics, environmentalism, government policy, housing, health, history etc. Issues that everybody in society is affected by.

There is growing concern over biased media and scaremongering within mainstream media, Naturally Unnatural aims to provide a more clinical approach to news and providing the public with factually accurate stories. However, there will be some opinion but that is the case when writers talk about subjects that they are passionate about. It is up to you to decide whether the facts back up the opinion presented.

A launch date has yet to be set, but the hope to get the first one out for Easter weekend (15th April 2017), yes that’s next weekend! Then subsequent Saturday release each week, of course there will be a fee of 50p. However, to promote the newsletter the first 5 issues will be free to view and will be published via Joomag (link will follow once first issue is published).

If this goes well Naturally Unnatural is open to further ideas by anyone. Of course, this also means you can write articles for the newsletter, if you are a journalist (new or experienced) don’t hesitate to get in contact. This would be purely voluntary because there are no funds for this project. Please share and get the word out there!

P.S. I am the currently the only person involved in this project, any assistance would be appreciated but I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t enjoy it! There is a donate button along the sidebar if you want to help me…eat…


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