Donald Trump: The ‘phantom’ menace

The Death Star was small in comparison, but 6 years after the infamous alliance the Death Star had been dismantled and replaced by a giant replica head of the man who would bring fear to the world, Donald Trump. He called his masterpiece The Trump Star. The rebels tried to forge an alliance with the empire but the enemy forged an alliance that made them stronger, this forced Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to flee in terror. There was no hope left for the universe.

It was a piece of engineering genius used for pure evil. A laser cannon that was stronger than the Death Star’s, which could be fire at any time from the mouth. He used this monstrosity to control the borders of the world.

The power years

Not long after he gained power he used his influence to cause mass riots and with his army of mindless voters. He conquered the world in a few months and removed every world power and became the emperor of the world. His next target was the universe, the Galactic Empire couldn’t handle the power of his prejudice, it wasn’t long before Palpatine’s empire had fallen.

Maintaining the planet was difficult, but he created one global bank and named it Trump Bank. This had one account in his own name. Citing that he would be able to control the empires finances better. However, using this money and the rhetoric of security and control, he forced every nationality into one piece of land each and constructed vast walls that stretched 100k feet into the air.

A watchful eye

With everyone separated he needed to keep a watchful eye on his inhabitants, where he began constructing a space station far larger than the Death Star and when complete he named it the Trump Star. A gigantic replica of his head orbits the planet only visible to countries during the day, shining down like a beacon light or the new global deity and savour that Trump sees himself as. There is peace from our new ‘God’ at night however, something else orbits our planet keeping a watchful eye and equally as horrifying.

This space ship is known as the Imperial Farage Star Destroyer, this is the face of the other ruler of evil. The Rebel Alliance had but all been destroyed except for those few survivors and the empire had gone into hiding too scared to show their faces. This space station was equally as terrifying but the laser cannons were built into the eyes of this monstrosity, nothing had been more terrifying since Medusa herself but even she would have felt some shame.

The precision of the technology placed within each of these monstrosities was astounding, it could hit anyone trying to cross any border with startling precision. These stations were built to combat illegal aliens whenever they might finally arrive, however, this will never happen now. They claimed they could bring true balance to the force except this was not that of fairness and equality but that of hate and segregation. The cataclysm nears for us all and all seems lost, what the world needs is a new hope.


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