“Support means support” – declares Theresa May

Theresa May has pledged to give more support to mental health services in the UK, by donating an extra £15 million to keep those with mental health conditions out of police cells. The support comes amid an NHS crisis across the UK where the Red Cross are having to support several hospitals across the country. This is a continuation of her pledge to create a more compassionate Conservative government.

previous policy measures including the snooper charter, which kindly watches societies every move on the internet to help keep us safe, their kindness and compassion knows no bounds.

Loose change

Shortly after announcing this courageous move, government spokesperson stated “we have been looking for ways to support mental health since Theresa May became party leader and PM. But due to further privatisation plans and continuing austerity measures on the poorest, the reality is that we cannot strain the financial services of the country and the corporate tax cuts must continue. The 1% are key to social cohesion.” And the “amount we can spend on mental health is limited due to these constraints. But we found some loose change down the back of the sofa and felt this was the enough.”

Theresa May in a speech stated “I want to create a more compassionate Conservative government; mental health needs more support and I will happily provide the support that is desperately needed. When I say, we will support mental health, support means support. Whether it will be soft or hard support this is something we must work out. This will be red, white, and blue support because support means support.”

On the Hunt

In the meantime, amidst the NHS crisis across the country Jeremy Hunt has gone missing and the BMA are extremely worried. They could be implicated in his disappearance which would cause issues for the medical body. A nationwide manhunt was going to take place but due to cuts to the department of Health’s budget, they decided to spend the money elsewhere on medical equipment.

The plan devised by the department will surely lure him out of hiding because god forbid public money being spent on public health. But whilst Hunt is missing the main concern is that he will return to continue his position in government.


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