The Simplicity of Life, Sheds Light onto the World

As we all continue to see the aftermath of the attacks that have shocked the world. You could be forgiven in thinking that the good in this world died with them. To conjecture an objection to this sentiment, good still exists but you have to look for it. But with the media pounding us continuously, again you could be forgiven in thinking that it doesn’t exist. To look past what is put in front of us is difficult especially when something so tragic has happened.

That need and want to be able to find out what has happened and perhaps see some justice dealt to those who deserve it, understandably is a need and want for so many. The world is not all doom and gloom, there is plenty of good around. Simple acts of kindness within our society are the source of a feel good factor that can make a dreary day/week/month/year seem that significantly better. It’s the little things in life which you need to come to enjoy. Those aspects that seem unimportant is usually more important than anything to ensuring you live a happy life.

A Helping Hand

Last year a story of an old man helping a young smartly dressed commuter was shared on the internet through a picture that amassed 1.7 million views. Our story starts with a young man sitting on a bench in the underground struggling with his tie. When a lady in a red coat notices but doesn’t ignore him or judge him, instead she politely goes up to him and asks him:

“Do you know how to tie it properly?”
To which the young man replied “no ma’am”

She taps her husband and tells him to help by teaching the young man how to tie a tie. He walks round to the other side and she then stands to block the view of other commuters. This is to save the young man of embarrassment. The old man shows him how to do it with a step-by-step tutorial then watches the young man repeat those steps back to him. A small good deed that sheds some light on humanity, where an older couple saw a young man struggling, and without any hesitation they stepped in and helped.

Good news is needed within this world.

Many have condemned LyssaP, who tweeted the picture. Because the efforts of the older couple to protect him from embarrassment, ultimately where pointless. Nonetheless, she has defended her actions by saying:

“I just wanted, others to smile about something that has made my day. All this bad in the world and I share something good.”

Sharing was the right thing to do, there is so much good in this world but you just have to want to see it. If you don’t see any good in this world then it is you who has a problem because those who only see the bad, that is all they will ever see. Live more positively and live with in mind that this world is full of good, no matter how small it is, it exists and if you truly want to believe it you will see it.

Bad things make headlines because it sells plus the idea that everything is broken and needs fixing lures people. However, the only thing that is broken is the way everything is reported. Good news should be the main headline of the day and bad news should only be reported because the public need to know. Also when bad things are reported the writer should focus on the good within the story. Don’t exaggerate to scare people in thinking the worst, as there is too much good in this world to be ignored.


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