Nigel Farage Announces – “This is my Independence Day!”

Two weeks from his ‘heroic’ independence speech after the country voted to ‘take back control’, and to leave the EU. Nigel Farage has now announced that he wants to get his own independence back, by resigning as UKIP’s leader. Fresh from his ‘wonderful’ speech in the European Parliament, pointing out how a doctor, surgeon, various business owners and various others, that they have never done a proper day’s work. A salute to the man of the hour, as he rides off into the sunset.

Since 1999 Nigel Farage has been an MEP and public money has been well spent, he ranked 247th out of 250 in European parliament attendance records. A record itself that is unprecedented, he defied the EU by not doing his job.

Nigel Farage’s legacy

The man himself leaves a legacy that will last through the ages, one that will and has changed the political spectrum forever. His divisive campaign has led to possibly the destruction of the UK, and where migrants feel unsafe within their own communities. He has caused untold damage to the political system and created a society of mistrust. What a hero.

“During the referendum campaign, I said I want my country back. What I’m saying today is I want my life back, and it begins right now.” – Nigel Farage

Independence day

This is day that marks the end of control, a day that marks his independence day! No longer constrained by being a political leader, he now can exercise his right to be as indecent as possible. Lock up your immigrants because Nigel Farage is coming for you, no longer chained by the bureaucracy of UKIP. He can now focus on the issues that mean so much to him and focus on spending time with his German wife and family.

This day will be marked down in history as his own personal independence day. It will be forever remembered and he will go down in history as the man who heroically broke up the UK, helped bring about a recession, and a man who helped bring a rise in hate crime. God bless him and he deserves a statue much like Oliver Cromwell.


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