The Freedom We All Take for Granted

As UK politics becomes increasingly unstable and after the EU referendum leave result, David Cameron has resigned and the Conservatives seem to be in turmoil, Labour as an opposition are also tearing themselves apart. There is also the massive slump in the financial markets following the vote to leave. It is in these moments we have to look at the little things in life to fully appreciate the joys that do exist.

With this in mind below is a video of a man who was in prison for 44 years, and his reaction to how the world has changed is truly remarkable and genuinely eye opening to our own perspectives of modern society.

“Being in society is a good feeling… I like being in the sun and also observing people. It’s nice to be free” – Otis Johnson to Al Jazeera.

There is plenty in what he says about how we should live life, to not let our past affect our decisions we make now and to not make rash decisions. He sees the way we use technology as an amazement as opposed to the derision a lot of us fire at modern technology, the older generation tend to swing against it because nostalgia of a bygone era is strong within them. Understandable as you tend to see the era you grew up through rose-tinted glasses.

The most remarkable aspect is the calmness as he speaks and the fact that he does not feel anger towards the state. He says that he has one his time and doesn’t feel that anyone owes him. To go to prison for so long for arguably a crime that didn’t fit the punishment (though that is another debate) and to come out with such a perspective and attitude is incredible.

“Being in society is a good feeling. A very good feeling you know?” – Otis Johnson to Al Jazeera.


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