Terrible Tory Ideology

The Tory government has had a year in power and much of what they have done, has hit those who have less than others, the cuts to welfare have hit those on low incomes and the U-turn they have performed on key policies, shows they are truly unaware of what the effects of their ideological stances are. Their next move has sparked massive outrage across the population, they showed disregard to every class throughout England, but what is this latest ideology based policy?

They have threatened to cut working tax credits, but were defeated in Lords, they were going to turn all schools into academies but have since decided to amend the policy, the imposition of contracts on junior doctors sparked the first doctors strike in the history of the NHS. They have continually failed to tackle tax evasion, corruption, the refugee crisis, and have caused a massive split within the country over the EU, but this really takes the biscuit.

A step too far?

The BBC seem to make the headlines for biased views towards the Tory government, the government itself has plans to cut certain services leaving the public to question whether the integrity of the BBC is still intact? The government has now had over a year to implement policy to attempt to get us out of the mess the country currently resides in, however they have a terrible ideology that the poor suffer greatly from, but their next stop was the BBC itself and they have struck a nerve that all of Britain is unifying to.

The long standing tradition of the vast swathes of BBC websites has always delighted many, but middle England was struck when it was announced that BBC Good Food website is to be closed down. The sheer audacity of this move has outraged so many people and rightly so, this website is a Great British institution and should be looked after, where will the masses get their recipes from?! Can they not see the effect this will have on children across the country, they will surely starve? This is the beginning of the end, and no doubt the rioting will start as soon, however, there is one saving grace, the Great British Bake Off will start soon and that should dampen the effects for a few months.

Public outrage (tweets and comments) – in the form of an attempted found poem

So. if I started a web page full of free recipes,

from which I made no money

would I be shut down by the government?

You can have MY BBC Good Food Recipes,

when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.



This is a work lunch/dinner date/pudding lifesaver.

Good riddance to these stupid recipes,

That only upper and middle class, flakey fake dippers ever make,

in this ridiculous come dine with me era of pure bull’.

These “chefs” are bleeding the BBC dry…

Get rid of the lot…ask mum how to cook real food for real people.


This is to punish the plebs.

The middle class lefties will protect their six figure salaries,

You can be certain.

Just BUY a cookery book, you lazy, bone idle people.

The recipes are not ALL in one book, der…


Hopefully the BBC will stop making cookery shows as well,


You do know you can change the channel right?

I know VERY WELL I can change channels,

I am just sick of the RIDICULOUSLY HIGH percentage of cookery shows

compared to virtually any other genre.


(They have recently climbed down over the plans to scrap it entirely but still, the outrage was funny)


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