Standing Tall Once Again.

The world outside is destroying itself and creating a vicious cycle of hate that is seemingly fuelled by those with power, there is incidentally more profit in hate and destruction, so you would be forgiven for escaping into your own little bubbles and just surviving, hoping nothing to bad happens to you.

Whilst this cycle continues with very little being done to remedy the world, only those who enjoy or profit from the ensuing chaos seem to be vocal in causing more to suit themselves, whilst those who want to do more are exhausted and fed up with general sense of selfishness.

The world is not all doom and gloom

The world it seems has no good news…right? Wrong, you just have to want to find or there is a responsibility to those who write or report, to make sure the good news is put into the public eye more, even though it doesn’t sell.

The world is not all doom and gloom, because this is where we heard to Texas to hear a story of Misti and Kent Stephenson. The now married couple met in 2009 and had been dating for four months when Kent’s life changed forever on June 9th.

They were introduced by Kent’s cousin and Misti’s best friend, Jesi Beck, in college. They enjoyed their first four months together however what was about to occur would be a game changer for them both, Kent was in a motocross accident that resulted in him being paralysed from the chest down, both of them would be affected, he would have severe mental issues having to adapt his life and she would have to support him. But from several moments he said he realised she was the one for him, he also said because they had experienced so much together and that they had overcome so much, he wanted to be with her.

3 years later it was 2012, they are still together and Kent underwent a n experimental procedure that put an electrical implant in his spine, thanks to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and the University of Louisville. The implants in question transmit low electrical currents to stimulate the nerves and help paralysed patients to stand.

Because of this procedure, help from Frazier rehab and a custom-built frame for support, Kent’s life had changed again but for the better this time round and on March 12th he married Misti. Able to stand there as she walked down the aisle and watch the love of his life, the emotion overwhelmed him but the occasion hadn’t finished because he was able to have his first dance with the woman who wanted to stick with him through thick and thin.

Happily ever after

A very happy occasion and a stark reminder that the world is a good place at the heart of it and the heart of it, is its people, this is a couple that had a disaster within the first four months of their relationship but they stuck with each other, through hard times and did they think it was possible 3 years earlier that they would share a first dance? No, nonetheless this is a reminder that we should never give up hope no matter how hard and just think of how lucky you are with what you do have, because Kent is standing tall once again.


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