EU Referendum: Ghost Stories from The Regressive Left and Right Populists

The EU debate is in full swing and both sides are in full flow trying to persuade those who are undecided to vote their way, right populists tend to use safety, immigration and sovereignty so that they may convince the undecided, whilst the regressive left swing towards economic stability, equality and again safety.

However, it is debatable what either side achieves when campaigning as there is a strong sense of scaremongering from both, plus are the undecided the only people they should be targeting because it seems as if both are forgetting an important demographic.

Regressive left and right populism

The regressive left use the arguments that if we leave we would lose overseas business, a market that has 500 million people, immediately 3 million jobs would be flushed away and Russia will invade us the next day. There are good arguments put forward by the regressive left except they get lost in a tirade of anger and fear, without thought of what the general public consensus actually is, they argue the fight for equality without asking the opinions of those they apparently fight for which means their information and arguments are often misguided or exaggerated. However dangerous it is for us the leave the EU at this time, arguments much like ‘our economy will collapse if we leave the EU’ doesn’t help the case, after a while people get fed up with the same rubbish spouted by those who are meant to be looking out for them.

Right populists are widely recognised as those who spread fear and hate to push their own agenda, their EU leave argument revolves around immigration and being able to control our borders so we can let in who we want, whilst this may be true because we wouldn’t have to abide by free movement laws, they push slightly racist or racist agendas by creating headlines such as ‘80 MILLION TURKS ARE GOING TO INVADE BRITAIN AND TAKE ALL OUR BENEFITS IF WE STAY IN’. Whilst the idea that our government will have complete control over what our laws are, is somewhat nice this would mean any government in power would have even less opposition in what they can do, and even though only 13.2% of our laws even mention the EU, the claim that we are going to be ‘taken over’ by anyone in Europe is a claim worthy of an Oscar winning writer.

Negative image of politics

Not going into great depth about either argument both sides are guilty of spreading fear to push their own agendas, the negatives must be conveyed except not in a manner as to segregate possible voters, too many people claim they are not interested in the upcoming referendum and you have to ask is this true? Of course it isn’t true they are very interested in their future and the countries future, they are just fed up of politicians pushing this negative image onto everything, they are fed up of negative imagery portrayed in the media about major issues that are often and obviously led by ‘facts’, that can be twisted to suit their own views where both right populists and the regressive left are both responsible for this.

Whilst these two sides argue loudly the centralists remain largely silent whether you are left or right of centre both tend to swing towards the remain vote, but because they aren’t as vocal their arguments are often shouted above by those of right populist and left regressive agendas. The good reasons that we must remain are not said enough, the focus on the negative portrays a negative image of politics and those who have become disillusioned with the current state of politics, these are the real key to our future. Those people live life their way, going to work, paying bills and socialising without getting directly involved whilst trusting those involved to do the right thing.

Surely the fact that the world sees London as the capital of the EU and the English language is the new Latin, every business that wants to trade with the EU needs to speak English because our biggest export is our language, the way we have helped shape what the current EU looks like with human rights laws and environmental laws that are in place, these things came about through our input. Decent employment rights with equal pay and non-discriminatory laws come from the EU, cutting the cost of travel into Europe and more protection to consumers, these are just a few of the positives. Either argument shouldn’t be about who can scare the population better than the other, it should be about what great things can be accomplished if we remain or leave the EU and importantly a detailed plan on how this could be achieved not speculation that can be changed on a whim to suit the latest arguments.

In short

We all must recognise that by no means is the EU perfect but we all have to figure out what is best to take an increasingly globalised world forward, we have find out the best way to tackle any crises whether they are current (refugee crisis, economic) or in the future, on our own or with our allies? Finally, we must figure out if change is best achieved on inside or on the outside of the EU and being an economic power we have responsibility within this ever closer world, without losing our own important identity.


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